Voices of the First World War

I stumbled across this podcast about two years ago and I immediately fell in love. Developed by the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London, Voices of the First World War is a series of, at last count, 47 podcasts. They include easily accessible, understandable and relatable information about the British experience of the First World War, including first hand accounts. They cover a range of war related topics from the outbreak of war to the armistice and include topics such as the homefront and women.
Whilst the English made podcasts draws heavily on the British experience, it still relates to the Australian experience. As part of the Empire, Australians worked closely with the British and for much of the war served under the direction of British officers and commanders. The content draws heavily on everyday, individual experiences such as food, lice and the weather.
The podcast is a valuable primary source as veterans recollections are widely used. However, the interviews were undertaken  later in the veterans’ lives and do little to quash the disconnect some students experience between the young men portrayed in war imagery and the elderly veterans they see on Anzac Day. If you want to give your students a choice between listening and reading, the transcripts are also available on the website.
Podcasts vary in length from about 10-30 minutes. Some are more engaging, relevant and age appropriate than others and vary in the explicit and gruesome recollections of war so, as always, I would listen to them first, rather than sending the students to explore on their own. My favourite podcasts include Winter 1916-1917, Trench Life, Gallipoli, and Gas Attack at Ypres.
War in the Air Podcast Image, Imperial War Museum

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